Annual Report

Message from the President

Rev. Wes Mills


We are grateful for how God has worked in our ACOP Fellowship this past year. In this report I will highlight some of our progress and projections for the future.

1. Vision & Strategy

Our Envisioned Future:
A part of our Vision and Strategy process was to dream about what God might do through our Fellowship in the days ahead. Click here for more about our Envisioned Future (Download PowerPoint).

Strategic Initiatives:
We continue to implement the five Strategic Initiatives that came out of our Vision and Strategy process in 2016. They are:

  • To develop and deploy a competency-based leadership development program for ACOP pastors, church planters, and global workers.
  • To engage and deploy Next-Gen leaders.
  • Advocate for church revitalization and renewal.
  • Recruit, assess, equip, and release church planters and church planting teams in Canada.
  • Recruit, equip, qualify, and deploy workers into frontier missions around the globe.

2. EPIC 2.0

Our first strategic initiative is about leadership development. To that end, we are launching EPIC 2.0 as an in-service leadership development program designed to help ACOP members develop leadership competencies. EPIC 2.0 will take place in 4, week-long modules over 12 to 18 months. For more information about EPIC 2.0 please visit

Support Structure Model:
One of the other important aspects that came out of our Vision and Strategy was a Support Structure Model.

I lead two teams that provide operational leadership to our Fellowship:

  • The first is the Canadian Leadership Team, which is comprised of the four Regional Directors, the ACOP Administrator, the ACOP Church Planting Catalyst, the Executive Director of United Youth Outreach, and the Director of Global Harvest Missions. This team focuses on the big picture – monitoring progress on initiatives, national events, and reporting from the ministry divisions.
  • The second is the National Apostolic Team. On this team I work with the ACOP Administrator and the four Regional Directors. This is where the Regional Directors report on their activities, as well as matters of regional concern and interest. This team also oversees the credentialing process and other membership matters.

3. Breen Endowment Fund

In 2008, the generous donations from ACOP members, churches and businesses along with a matching gift from the Jim Pattison Foundation allowed us to establish the $2 million Daniel and Helen Breen Memorial Church Planting Endowment Fund.

Over the past 10 years, this fund has generated over $1 million dollars in income for church planting projects in Canada.  We are extremely grateful for God’s on-going provision in this way.

4. Credentialing

Open Door Retreats:
Since we introduced the Open Door Retreats in 2016, 75 licensed members have been welcomed into our Fellowship! That is a 17% increase in our membership and has reduced the average age of active ministers in our Fellowship from 59 years to 55 years.

Commissioned Ministers:
We’ve felt for some time that ‘Licensed Minister’ was probably not the best terminology to describe these ACOP members. Since each Open Door Retreat concludes with a commissioning time, we feel that a change in terminology is in order; therefore we are changing the current Licensed Minister category to “Commissioned Ministers”. There are no changes to the process, and the same rights, privileges and responsibilities that were afforded to our Licensed Ministers will transfer to Commissioned Ministers.

In 2019, all current Licensed Ministers will be issued new Commissioned Minister cards.

God Calling Website:
The purpose of is to help people discern God’s call on their lives. God calls people to serve Him in a myriad of ways, and one of those ways is through vocational Christian ministry. Vocational ministry can take many forms, such as youth ministry, itinerant ministry, pastoral ministry, church planting, and global missions work, to name a few.

We believe that God calls men and women, young and old, the bold and the shy, to serve Him in unique ways. Through this website, people will discover training opportunities, the ACOP credential process, and meet fellow travellers who have discovered God’s call and are willing to share their stories and to help others discover and discern if God is calling.

A special thanks to Rev. Nik Amodeo who brought forward this idea and developed much of the content for this site.

5. Board of Trustees

The ACOP Board of Trustees is a dedicated group of men and women who are responsible for the governance of ACOP. This past year, the Board had taken initiative on a couple of important matters:

Presidential Selection Process:
The Board of Trustees wants to provide a more participatory and engaging process for selecting the President of ACOP. The revised process is outlined in the ACOP Proposed Policy XI.1.03. In order to communicate these changes more effectively, ACOP Board of Trustees’ Vice Chairman, Chad Billington, conducted an interactive webinar which is now posted on the ACOP Facebook Page.

Partner Churches:
For some time ACOP has categorized churches as Affiliated or Associated. All churches have been treated equally, so this distinction is counterproductive.  Therefore, we have decided to refer to all churches in ACOP as Partner Churches.

Churches who wish to formalize their partnership with ACOP are invited to enter into a formal Partnership Agreement. More information on Partnership Agreements is available here.

6. Upcoming Events

Pentecostal World Fellowship Conference:
The Pentecostal World Fellowship (PWF) is a fraternal organization made up of 59 denominations or networks from 30 countries. ACOP is one of the member organizations of PWF.

Every three years, the PWF has a global conference. In 2019, that conference will be held in Calgary. The Canadian host committee is comprised of representatives from Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC), The International Church of the Four Square Gospel, Pentecostal Holiness Church, Pentecostal Assemblies of Newfoundland and Labrador, Open Bible Faith Churches, and ACOP. I am serving as Vice Chairman of the host committee.

We anticipate that over 3,000 people will attend this event, which will be hosted at the Telus Convention Center from August 27 -30, 2019. This is a world-class event, with speakers from around the world. The theme of the conference is “Come, Holy Spirit, now as Wind, Fire and Oil, to the country of Canada and the nations of the earth.”

2019 is also the 100th anniversary of the PAOC. Our founder, Franklin Small, was also one of the founders of PAOC, so on the second evening of the Conference, we will be celebrating our shared history. This will be a great evening that you do not want to miss!

In the past 75 years, this conference has only been held in Canada two other times, so this is an opportunity of a generation to attend this event on Canadian soil. Plan now to attend!

For more information about the PWF Conference, please visit

ACOP Congress 2020:
ACOP was founded in 1921, so 2020 will mark our 100th year of operation. It is our intention to invite all the Fellowships, Denominations, and networks that have been birthed out of the Apostolic Church of Pentecost in Canada around the world over the past 100 years, to gather in Calgary and celebrate the good things that the Lord has done in and through ACOP. This event will take place in Calgary in May of 2020. Exact dates and details will be available in the near future.

7. A Personal Note

As most of you know, I was on medical leave for 4 months in 2017. I want to thank those of you who prayed for me; I want to thank the Board of Trustees who were extremely supportive and encouraged me to take the time I needed to get well. I also want to thank the National Apostolic Team for caring for my responsibilities, and special thanks to our Administrator, Darla Matchett, who carried much of the administrative responsibility for our Fellowship during the time I was off.

Global Harvest

Making disciples of all the nations by proclaiming
and demonstrating the good news of Jesus

Different Methods – Same Objective – Make Disciples

Making disciples of all nations was Christ’s last command and is the mission of the church. Our Global Worker force of 29 (including long-term and short-term missionary families, couples and singles based abroad and in Canada) and 33 Global Partners (national ministries) multiply themselves by multiplying disciples. It may look different from place to place, but all are dedicated to the same objective of “making disciples of all nations”. This is how the church of Jesus Christ multiplies – disciples making disciples who make disciples. Some of the disciple making being done by our Global Workers and Global Partners around the world include:

Sacrificial Giving – Eternal Investment – Making Disciples

Thank you for investing over $1,600,000 last year into ACOP Global Harvest Missions. Together, our prayer and financial investment results in Global Workers and Global Partners making disciples all over the world. This takes sacrifice for individuals and churches. But it’s a cause worth sacrificing for. ACOP has a rich heritage of fruitful global missions work but so much has yet to be done with over 2.9 billion people still with little or no access to the gospel. Let’s continue to invest sacrificially to make disciples of all nations.

Church Multiplication Network

Planting reproducing churches that plant reproducing churches
Church Planting Division – Rev. Gary Chupik

More than ever church planting is an important venture. It’s both the means to reach lost people for Christ in new contexts, and expresses the missionary heart of God to new people groups right in our own backyard. Starting new churches in new communities is crucial to reaching our local neighbourhoods for Christ. More people are baptized and come to Christ through church planting than any other form of evangelism in Canada.

We are currently supporting 5 church plants across Canada and are always on the lookout for more! Some of our church planters will be joining us at our Biennial Conference in Regina. Many of our planters are bi-vocational and work long hours to see Jesus’ name be honoured in their communities.

While our attention is focused all across Canada, our church planting effort in the Toronto area highlights our work. Our desire is to see multiple plants birthed in the region because of our church plant in Milton, and we are counting on God to raise up new church planters to emerge there to meet the nations.

In addition to our GTA Initiative, we are in multiple conversations with potential planters across Canada. We are anticipating conversations turning into relationships that turn into partnerships that further the kingdom of God in starting new churches.

The Daniel & Helen Breen Memorial Fund exists to support new church plants in Canada. Without the support of local churches and gifts to the Breen Fund, we could not support new churches the way we do. THANK-YOU for your interest and support in church planting in Canada.

Gary Chupik
National Church Planting Catalyst

United Youth Outreach

Empowering Leaders, Influencing Culture, Delivering Hope
Youth Division – Andy Wilson

Jesus invited His disciples to follow Him and become “fishers of men” (Luke 5:1-11). Before His invitation, he cast the net for a multitude of fish. The great catch of fish became seed money to care for the disciples’ needs as they embarked on following Jesus. United Youth Outreach received a great catch this past Fall. The provision we received took care of our debt and strengthened our ministries as “fishers of men”. While stories of healings and lives being transformed occurred in the past year, the theme for this year, curiously, is “Getting Ready”.

Both Love On Fire and Young Women of Power established new courses and curriculum this year. Love on Fire initiated a “Discipleship Training Module” for their program to equip the young people who attend their drop-in centre in evangelism. 42 people took this course in the past year. Young Women of Power took material previously taught in a classroom setting and created a curriculum funded by the Alberta Provincial government. The curriculum is designed for instructors to train young women in how to change girl culture. The development of a written curriculum means that many more girls can become young women of power and influence in their culture.

Legacy One moved their operation to Saskatoon. They recently developed a new show looking at the theme of “struggle”. Legacy One is bringing the show to South Africa, Saskatchewan, Alberta and BC this Spring. A couple weeks ago, at one show in South Africa, 100 teens gave their lives to Christ.

Eternal Riders relocated their ministry to Revelstoke, BC last Fall. They took a huge leap as they moved into the old Anglican Church in Revelstoke to operate their mission resource centre.

The Walk and The Inside, the two most recent additions to come under our banner, are hiring staff to further develop their programs. Street Invaders, Equipping and Motivational Media have also welcomed new personnel.

Josh Fast has taken on the role of booking Motivational Media Assemblies in schools on Vancouver Island. Josh works for Vancouver Youth for Christ to facilitate Motivational Media for us. Our prayer is for Motivational Media to succeed in the Victoria area. This approach could then be replicated in YFC centres across Canada.

Street Invaders recently employed Rhythm MacPherson, their first staff member, to coordinate the program for this year. Last summer Street Invaders saw another fruitful year of students being equipped to evangelize. BC Street Invaders saw its greatest number of participants ever. All of the Missions teams saw healings and new commitments to Christ.

Jesus performed the naturally supernatural miracle of the huge catch a second time in John 21:1-14. Following this miracle, the resurrected Jesus told Peter to, “Take care of my sheep” (vs 16). As United Youth Outreach moves forward this year, we are developing a new strategic plan. United Youth Outreach is called to be more than just a platform for ministries. It is also called to nurture those in our care, and propel them to success. United Youth Outreach is excited to continue unleashing the young people of ACOP churches to reach their full potential and lead another generation to know Jesus.

ACOP Regional Reports

Pacific Region

Lead Team: Stan Powers (Regional Director), Andy Barnes, Greg Paulson (North District); Mark Gordon, David St. John (Interior District); Stew Mackenzie, Owen Scott, Matthew Low (Coast & Island District)

My first full year as Regional Director for ACOP Pacific was focused on envisioning our leaders to become a team on a mission for Jesus, with a greater sense of calling and faith for what we have been called to do together.

Luke 10:2 became our theme verse as we grasped that this was our Lord’s prayer instruction…  “And he said to them, The harvest is plentiful, but the labourers are few. Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out labourers into his harvest.

Over 60 ACOP leaders were sponsored to the C2C Multiply 2017 Conference in February in Vancouver, to catch a vision of greater impact in our ministry and outreach in our assignments. Many fresh ideas and much godly passion was imparted to our team of workers, which is still having a positive impact on our ministries and churches.

A major development in the Pacific Region is the engagement of many new credentialed workers joining the team for the advancement of our mission. This is highlighted by the Open Door Retreat held in June of 2017 in Kamloops where we commissioned 16 new ACOP workers (14 of which were from the Pacific Region).

We held three district gatherings in April of 2017 and then convened our Fall Regional Conference in October at the Harrison Resort center with over 100 registrants. These days featured great resource ministry from several speakers including keynote speakers Kim & Darlene Unrau. The fellowship and alignment of our team of workers was above expectation with much encouragement and vision established. Pictured is Jennilee Grieg who was ordained to the ministry in her leadership of Thrive, a growing ministry to children through an after-school program with a strong focus on the gospel.

In addition to Jennilee, there were several other leaders ordained with ACOP in the Pacific Region in 2017. These were Marcel Kurtz, Ryan DelBlanc, Gerry Wall, Brandon Wall, Bryan Henry, Brad Gamble & Rory Franks.

There were new Lead Pastors installed: Micah Bergin at Community Gospel Chapel on Salt Spring Island, Greg Paulson at Gateway Ministries in Prince George, and Brandon Wall at Oasis City in Duncan.

We closed three churches, Hudson’s Hope, Center City Church in Prince George and Burton; and welcomed two new churches, Grace Point in Port Alberni and The House in Victoria. We number 26 churches in the ACOP Family in the Pacific Region.

Rocky Mountain Region

Southern Alberta

Lead Team: Dave Wicks (Regional Director) Scott Hill, Ron Stone, Dawn Graburn

There are 14 churches in this District – some have long-term, established leadership teams in place; some have more recent pastoral leadership settling in, and some are currently going through a leadership transition.

Our District Lead Team is constantly exploring ways to expand the fellowship and connection across this diverse geographical area. One of the exciting initiatives that has just recently launched is the “Lunch and Learn” video conference calls led by Cal Ellerby, where Southern Alberta leaders can join in an online discussion on various leadership topics.

Northern Alberta

Lead Team: Kenn Parker (Regional Director) Sid Chalmers, Donna Cross, Ray Lapka

This is a very large region geographically and small in numbers of churches and pastors/leaders. I made 2 trips through the region last year and 1 this year (2018). There are signs of growth and vitality in some of the churches and there are those that are of concern as they haven’t grown or are dealing with conflict at a level that hinders church growth. Due to our value of local church autonomy, I am only able to help in limited ways in some situations.

The Liberian church in Edmonton faced a horrible tragedy last September. The pastor’s wife, as well as 3 other women from the church, were involved in a horrific traffic accident. Pastor Glory’s wife was killed as well as two of the other women. The one survivor attended the church for the first time since the accident on the weekend that I was there in January of this year.

This Liberian church, led by Pastor Glory Blamo is a vibrant, growing and healthy church, despite the tragic loss of 3 women, including Pastor Glory’s wife.

Prairie Region

South Saskatchewan

Lead Team: Dave Wicks (Regional Director), Carl Dixon, Llewellyn Janzen, Darcy Nafe, Daycee Richardson

This is a vibrant District of 17 churches, with 4 currently working through leadership transitions. Some of our churches – Kipling, Yorkton, Grenfell – have seen significant turnarounds the past year or two, with solid young pastors and great leadership teams in place.

We were excited to ordain 4 members in this District in 2017 – Rev. Carl Dixon, Rev. Andrew Switzer, Rev. Monica Switzer, and Rev. Dave Wicks, Jr.

One of the most anticipated events is the annual District REFRESH weekend, where families from across Southern Saskatchewan gather for a great time of fellowship and ministry together.

North Saskatchewan

Lead Team: Dave Wicks (Regional Director), Al Huckaby, Rodney Cox, Brian Knull

This District is comprised of 12 churches.  Most of the churches in this District have long-term pastoral leaders in place, with the exception of Grace Chapel in Hudson Bay, which is currently seeking new pastoral leadership.

Our District was very proud to see how Pastors Jordon & Chantal Gadsby and the Nipawin Apostolic Church extended grace and ignited hope in their community during and after the tragic bus accident involving the Humboldt Broncos.

Central Region

My wife Cheryl and I, are honoured to be connected with our ACOP churches and leaders in Manitoba/Western Ontario and Southern Ontario. God is doing many great things!

Manitoba/Western Ontario

Lead Team: Rod Barks (Regional Director), Tom Campbell, Lorraine Kazcor, Jason Juell, Kevin Ratzlaff, Randy Wengel

We have 22 ACOP members in this district and 10 partner churches who connect in some manner.

The undisputed highlight of the year was District REFRESH days on Oct. 23 – 25. District leadership began by seeking clarity around the desired outcome and decided the goal would be, that every participant would leave refreshed. Simple, compelling, doable. However, it also beckoned us to craft an unconventional schedule that included: storytelling around a bonfire, lingering conversations in the hot tub, vision casting together, lively times of prayer, life-infusing teaching/preaching and a Hawaii night complete with hula dancing led by our very own Mel Moorman. The event was best summarized by the participant, Wayne Schellenberg: “Thanks for the most refreshing conference. I feel like I have had a holiday and yet have come away with a better relationship with ACOP members of our district and I feel better prepared to do my “job”, “calling”, whatever it is I am doing for God…” We were pleased to welcome 3 new members to our district lead team as Lorraine Kaczor, Jason Juell and Kevin Ratzlaff joined Randy Wengel, Tom Campbell and Rod & Cheryl Barks.

938 km separate our easternmost church (Thunder Bay, ON) from our westernmost church (Souris, MB). Distance is daunting when setting out to grow relational connections. In an attempt to deal with this challenge, our district lead team initiated 3 district “zones” (West, Winnipeg & East). Members in those zones met at the beginning of 2018 for a day of prayer, visiting and feasting!   We were pleased and so, apparently, was God, as His Holy Spirit showed up. Zone gatherings are also planned for this summer.

We are pleased with the direction this district is journeying and are extremely optimistic about the future. To God be the glory!

Southern Ontario

Regional Director: Rod Barks
District Executive: Winston Cross (District Director), Dave Campbell, Peter Barbour

32 individuals and 13 churches minister in this District. They are diverse and wonderful. Each is striving to see the Kingdom of God increase in their area of influence.

This District will complete the organizational shift within ACOP at the end of 2018. Winston Cross, Peter Barbour and Dave Campbell operate as a lead team, providing oversight of the District.

District Conference was hosted by our ACOP church in Haliburton (Lighthouse Pentecostal) from October 27 – 29. Pastor Doug and Kim Ross and the church leadership team provided a warm welcome to all and created an atmosphere where a conversation was sparked and relationships grew. Speakers were diverse in age, experience and covered a rich variety of topics.

Many have moved into the District to assist with the GTA church planting initiative. They look forward to continuing to partner with the existing churches/leaders for the glory of God and the advancement of His Kingdom.

Maritime Region

Grow Day held in Fredericton Fall 2017. Märt Vähi is leading this session


Lead Team: Kenn Parker (Regional Director), Chad Billington, Verner Drost, John Stewart

This region continues to grow in numbers, unity and spiritual climate. Many of the churches that weren’t contributing to ACOP have now begun to contribute. We had great participation in the GTA Fund Raising Campaign.

In 2017 we held two pastors/leaders events that had the best attendances in decades. We also hosted an Open Door Retreat with 5 new members added.

I have been making at least 2 trips through the district each year. In the early stages of developing the Regional Director role, there were many that were suspicious and reluctant to invite me in to meet with leadership teams and boards. Today, I have been in all churches and have met with many of the boards and leadership teams. Jesus has given great favour and the results are evident.


Lead Team: Kenn Parker (Regional Director)

This region has been difficult one for us to establish a beachhead in. I usually try to stop in the province when I make trips to the East coast. There are a few strategic relationships that I’m working on. Hopefully, we will see some progress with these in the next year.

Statement of Financial Position

December 31, 2017 – Audited Statement


Cash & GICs $929,063.00
Marketable Securities (Endowment Fund) $2,239,092.00
Receivables $27,477.00
Prepaids $17,164.00
Loan(s) Receivable $79,963.00
Capital Assets $228,139.00
Total $3,520,898.00


Accounts Payable/Accured Liabilities $134,112.00
Deferred Revenue $13,706.00
Total $147,818.00

Fund Balances

Fund Balances $3,373,080.00
Total $3,520,898.00


Donations $2,510,385.00
Credential Fees $103,413.00
Investment Income $91,466.00
Other $5,732.00
Total $2,710,996.00


Operations & ACOP Programs $672,280.00
Building & Facilities $30,220.00
Global Harvest Missions $1,728,323.00
Canadian Church Planting $223,212.00
Amortization $17,412.00
Total $2,671,447.00
  • ACOP Operations (24%)
  • Canadian Projects (16%)
  • Global Harvest Missions (60%)


ACOP Operations $609,736.00
Canadian Projects $393,740.00
Global Harvest Missions $1,496,332.00
Total $2,499,808.00
  • General Operations (18.6%)
  • Canadian Programs & Projects (10.2%)
  • Canadian Church Planting (8.5%)
  • Global Harvest Missions (55%)
  • Administrative Costs (7.7%)


General Operations $492,613.00
Canadian Programs & Projects $269,626.00
Canadian Church Planting $223,212.00
Global Harvest Missions $1,458,623.00
Administrative Costs $201,589.00
Total $2,645,663.00

The complete Audited Financial Statement can be found on our website

The Apostolic Church of Pentecost

…extending grace & igniting hope…

Board of Trustees

Rev. Wes Mills – President

Rev. Stewart MacKenzie – Pacific Region

Rev. Dawn Graburn – Rocky Mountain Region

Rev. Allen Huckabay – Prairie Region

Rev. Peter Barbour – Central Region

Rev. Chad Billington – Maritime Region

Mr. Brian Gronberg – Trustee at Large

Global Harvest Leadership Team

Rev’s Jerry & Brenda

Rev. Wes Mills

Mrs. Darla Matchett

Rev. Bruce Lungren

Rev. Dave Wicks Jr.

Mrs. Miranda Himmelspeck


Mr. Stan Peloski
Horizon Group – Chartered Professional Accountants
Calgary, AB

Canadian Legal Council

Mr. Allen Howard
Howard Law Office
Calgary, AB

US Legal Council

Mr. Paul McConnell
Hansen, Bungi & McConnell
Seattle, WA

Canadian Leadership Team

Rev. Wes Mills – President

Rev. Stan Powers – Regional Director

Rev. Dave Wicks – Regional Director

Rev. Rod Barks – Regional Director

Rev. Kenn Parker – Regional Director

Mrs. Darla Matchett – Administrator

Rev. Jerry – Missions Director

Rev. Gary Chupik – Church Planting Catalyst

Rev. Larry Moore – United Youth Outreach

National Apostolic Team

Rev. Wes Mills – President

Rev. Stan Powers – Regional Director

Rev. Dave Wicks – Regional Director

Rev. Rod Barks – Regional Director

Rev. Kenn Parker – Regional Director

Mrs. Darla Matchett – Administrator

International Office Staff

Rev. Wes Mills – President

Mrs. Darla Matchett – Administrator

Mrs. Susan Melle – Receptionist

Mrs.Miranda Himmelspeck – Bookkeeper/ Missions Admin Assistant

Ms. Nicole Bergdahl – Communications Coordinator